Woodworking Projects For Starters

Crafting a piece of lumber into either a functional or decorative piece might sound technical or artistic. In reality, woodworking is fairly manageable. Wood can be found almost everywhere and can be relatively cheap. With just a mastery of a few basics, like familiarisation of how to use certain tools and construction of standard designs, you are all set to make your own experimental creation.

These sets of projects can be done without that much critical analysis or high level of woodworking skills:

  • Blanket Ladder – the tools you should use include a saw, a rope, and a number of dowels. The project is a great way to exercise your sawing skills since it requires mostly basic cuts.
  • Stool Seat – shapes pre-cut from wood are perfect examples to practice your designing skills. Any shape you easily formed can be attached with four legs and angled plates to make a simple stool seat.
  • Coat rack – tools needed are saw and a drill with a spade bit. You can hide the wall screws beneath the peg rails in order to achieve a seamless look.
  • Organiser – a container of all things usable is best organised with dividers. Using just straight-cut pieces of plywood and wood screws for attachments, you can make a decent organiser.

Plant handlers – plant hooks only require a few dowels and a fitting and can be easily attached like a LEGO toy. Plant stands need more customisation in order to not make it look plain. You can make them using quality wood for just about $45.