We at Pro Makers proudly display a large variety of handcrafted woodwork from sustainable and repurposed materials. We cater to a wide range of projects such as:

  • Gates for residential and commercial purposes
  • Doors in types of sliding, folding, hinged for an industrial setting, fancy look, grand opening, or regular usage
  • Decorative pieces appropriate on a living room, gardens, receiving areas, or speciality shops
  • Leisure chairs, outdoor benches, functional chairs, and chairs matching to a table set
  • Shelves and cabinets for bookcases, pantries, kitchenware, trophy showcases, memorabilia displays, and product displays
  • Tables for all sizes, different purposes, different settings, and all designs imaginable

Apart from that, we can also build any woodwork project for the following settings:

  • Residential homes, whether in urban or rural areas
  • High-end mansions in mountain-side, country-side, beachside, or on an island
  • Fine dining restaurants and food speciality shops like tea houses, coffee shops, or pastry stores
  • Farming facilities like barns and storages
  • Office buildings particularly on lobbies, individual office rooms, and conference rooms
  • Retreat centres and leisure areas
  • Private gardens and public yards
  • Stage events and movie sets

Whatever idea you envision of possibly making, whatever the available materials can accommodate the designs you presented, whatever fits your budget, we can create them all for you.