DIY Ideas For Storage Bench

Shoes can easily crowd the space, and they’re bothersome to look at. As a solution, you can create a bench that will act as a container and still function as a piece of furniture.

Here are some ideas you want to try out:

Idea #1

This idea is similar to those IKEA hacks. You use 2 ALEX drawers and 2 BESTA shelves in order to create a cosy reading area which can function as a storage for many things.

Idea #2

Another idea is to convert the seat into a hinged cover for a concealed container. You can also incorporate a small drawer for keys.

Idea #3

You can utilise some bins at a local store and construct a bench around it. Simply add some padded cushion on top.

Idea #4

A similar idea can be altered into a new design by changing a few elements. Drawers can be replaced with wooden crates, thereby creating that needed ventilation.

Idea #5

You can create a perfect seat for chatting with an old dresser repurposed and retain some drawers for shoe containers.

Idea #6

There’s a term called “hall tree” which involves a vertical piece where the coat hangers are integrated and the seat can function as decoration placements. It gives you one continuous “drop zone”.

Idea #7

You can just create a usual bench and add sliding opening panels for the containers. Blankets stored can function as colour decorations when the panel is open.