As a certain structure begins to outlive its original purpose, the building materials will soon be changed, or worse, abandoned. We from Pro Makers see to it that we gather those unused materials and recycle them to newer versions with possibly different purposes.

Any lumber being utilised by those structures, whether they were homes, industrial complexes, offices, commercial establishments, or public property, we can collect them and turn them into masterful works using our craftsmanship.

A beam from an abandoned mansion can be used to create a table set. A wooden panel from a bankrupted office building can be turned into the flooring of a gimmicky treehouse of a coffee shop. A large barn door from an empty farm can be cut down to be made into multiple, smaller room doors for a certain house. Metal scraps from ageing warehouses can be forged into supports of benches and chairs along with the recovered wood for an expanding restaurant.

Some of them may have stories that can be incorporated into their new designs, but for sure, all of them will be utilised for our various creations as much as possible.