We are proud to highlight the customised handcraftsmanship of our furniture. Whether it is a single, personalised piece, or multiple orders for commercial use, we are surely up to the task without any decrease of quality using our reclaimed materials and wood.

  • Doors – our doors can be made of diverse designs that function both the interior and exterior of the facility. Whatever the size, mechanism, or appearance, we can customise any wooden door.
  • Cabinets – this aspect includes all kinds of settings, be it for home or office. We design them according to their expected capacity and location in the room.
  • Tables – one of our specialities is to create tables. Not only are they fairly easy to assemble, but they can also be great canvasses for a lot of creative ideas that can also blend well for their intended application. The tables we create from reclaimed wood not only speaks of beauty but also of certain life stories.
  • Seats – we can build any seating for either indoor setting like leisure use or set pieces and outdoor use like benches.
  • Mantels – if ever you decide to build or renovate a fireplace inside your home, give us a call and we will create a matching mantel that will be beautifully crafted from reclaimed materials.
  • Beds – we can customise your bed to either make it look grander through attractive carvings or economical by incorporating other functions. Whatever the design will be, the level of comfort you seek will always be a priority.

Whatever you had in mind, we can help you make it a reality with our very capable personnel and our passion to repurpose salvaged materials.