Our company offers a wide range of designing and building services for settings like home, office, eatery and garden with the use of salvaged and reclaimed materials.

We customise any wood-related furniture and decorative, from tables to treehouses and anything you can think of possibly creating.

Here are the services we provide:

Materials Pickup

We will gather your salvage materials with our transportation services, preferably in bulk. Similar materials are also considered or be advised on alternative repurposing rather than dumping them as trash.


We at Pro Makers are passionate to give a new purpose for an old but usable material. Old structures will be removed and reclaimed, along with the stories they had and process them to be ready for new purposes. Any act of this type of recycling can help save trees from needless cutting.

Custom Milling

We can customise your woodwork from trimming to sanding. Our assistance extends to other local sawmills for bigger projects. Though we can only bandsaw materials found in our yard due to the demand, we can still be of help by referring you to a good local sawing service centre.


We at Pro Makers have welders who can possibly create any artwork or equipment that can function well on your office, shop, garden, or home. We can combine certain different metals and turn them into amazing creations. Anything that suits your woodwork, we provide high quality service.

Rentals for Movie Set or Events

Our services can extend on the as scenario pieces. In any movie set or event organised, we can provide architectural pieces, historical-looking artefacts, antique decorations, custom-made furniture, and even prop designs.


We are capable of delivering recycled materials upon request. We have contracted movers to assist in the delivery of the items. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for that matter.