Our team is composed of individuals who power Pro Makers like a well-oiled engine. In comparison, we are much like the characters in the Wizard of Oz; each key aspect of the trio represents how we transform an old wood through a re-invented (from Scarecrow’s brain), organised (from Tin-man’s heart), and collected (from Lion’s courage) mindset into a functioning furniture


– Neil Gardner

Our editor-in-chief is a Canadian native who had built his own home during the 70s from reclaimed materials. It was the start of an ongoing journey towards building homes and structures with regards to the state of our environment. As he continued to build, he planted trees and utilised repurposed materials.

Art Professor

– Robert Evans

A veteran teacher who had done everything art-related from fine arts to crafts, he was also an established store owner of an art supply store. His deep imagination and methods of expression had been translated to woodworking and since then had been a great help to customers on their quest for the perfect design.


 – Carroll Wilkerson

Our salvage visionary had started from the basic work and proceeded to journey into a master designer. She has a very keen eye in making realistic designs with her love for woodworking and compassionate personality. She is willing to collaborate with the customers to fulfil their dreams and ideas.