Our company offers a wide range of designing and building services for settings like home, office, eatery and garden with the use of salvaged and reclaimed materials.
We customise any wood-related furniture and decorative, from tables to treehouses and anything you can think of possibly creating.
Here are the services we provide:
Materials Pickup
We will gather your salvage materials with our transportation services, preferably in bulk. Similar materials are also considered or be advised on alternative repurposing rather than dumping them as trash.
We at Pro Makers are passionate…

Commercial and Residential Showcase

We at Pro Makers proudly display a large variety of handcrafted woodwork from sustainable and repurposed materials. We cater to a wide range of projects such as:

Gates for residential and commercial purposes
Doors in types of sliding, folding, hinged for an industrial setting, fancy look, grand opening, or regular usage
Decorative pieces appropriate on a living room, gardens, receiving areas, or speciality shops
Leisure chairs, outdoor benches, functional chairs, and chairs matching to a table set
Shelves and cabinets for bookcases, pantries, kitchenware, trophy showcases, memorabilia …


We are proud to highlight the customised handcraftsmanship of our furniture. Whether it is a single, personalised piece, or multiple orders for commercial use, we are surely up to the task without any decrease of quality using our reclaimed materials and wood.

Doors – our doors can be made of diverse designs that function both the interior and exterior of the facility. Whatever the size, mechanism, or appearance, we can customise any wooden door.
Cabinets – this aspect includes all kinds of settings, be it for home or office. We design them according to their expected …

Building Materials

As a certain structure begins to outlive its original purpose, the building materials will soon be changed, or worse, abandoned. We from Pro Makers see to it that we gather those unused materials and recycle them to newer versions with possibly different purposes.
Any lumber being utilised by those structures, whether they were homes, industrial complexes, offices, commercial establishments, or public property, we can collect them and turn them into masterful works using our craftsmanship.
A beam from an abandoned mansion can be used to create a table set. A wooden panel from a bankrupted office building can be turned into …

Our Team

Our team is composed of individuals who power Pro Makers like a well-oiled engine. In comparison, we are much like the characters in the Wizard of Oz; each key aspect of the trio represents how we transform an old wood through a re-invented (from Scarecrow’s brain), organised (from Tin-man’s heart), and collected (from Lion’s courage) mindset into a functioning furniture

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Our Projects

Here our professionals share their furniture making ideas and guides….

DIY Ideas For Floating Shelves

The problem with traditional shelves is that the displayed materials cannot be easily seen. Thankfully, there are what we call “floating shelves”. The major concern of these shelves is their carrying capacity. To increase it, invisible brackets must be installed.
To do so, you will need these things:

1-inch thick wood
Floating shelf brackets
Drill bit
Power drill
Carpenter’s Triangle or Square
Wall Anchors
Stud finder


Cut a plank of wood into a semi-circle shape with a …

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DIY Ideas For Storage Bench

Shoes can easily crowd the space, and they’re bothersome to look at. As a solution, you can create a bench that will act as a container and still function as a piece of furniture.
Here are some ideas you want to try out:
Idea #1
This idea is similar to those IKEA hacks. You use 2 ALEX drawers and 2 BESTA shelves in order to create a cosy reading area which can function as a storage for many things.
Idea #2
Another idea is to convert the seat into a hinged cover for a concealed container. You can also incorporate a small drawer for keys.
Idea #3
You can utilise some bins at a local …

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Woodworking Projects For Starters

Crafting a piece of lumber into either a functional or decorative piece might sound technical or artistic. In reality, woodworking is fairly manageable. Wood can be found almost everywhere and can be relatively cheap. With just a mastery of a few basics, like familiarisation of how to use certain tools and construction of standard designs, you are all set to make your own experimental creation.
These sets of projects can be done without that much critical analysis or high level of woodworking skills:

Blanket Ladder – the tools you should use include a saw, a rope, and a number of dowels. The project is a great way to …

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